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ELEPHANT BABY: The Story of Little Tembo

In Africa, Tembo lives with her family of nine elephants. Learn how she senses danger at an early age, how her herd finds food and water, why she doesn’t know her father, what good are her big flappy ears, why is her trunk the hardest thing to learn how to use, and much more. Illustrations by Fred Brenner. Ages 4-8

‘It reads like a gripping story but knowing the author’s work, you can be sure all the information is accurate. McGovern combines story telling with science to relate the life cycle of a favorite animal.” Animal World

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The true story of a humpback whale, from the day she is born, already weighing a ton, to a time she struggles to avoid whale-hunting ships. Young readers will be fascinated by how whales breathe, find food, and how they sing underwater. McGovern closes with efforts made to keep whales from extinction. Illustrations by John Hamberger. Ages 4-8

“Clearly and succinctly presented in smooth narrative that young whale buffs will find fascinating and easy to read.” ALA Booklist

Earthworm Award for the book that “does the most to encourage environmental awareness and sensitivity in children.” 


When Jaws first came out as a book, most scientists were dismayed at how sharks were depicted. Ann spent a year researching the truth about sharks, reading scientific papers and asking questions of scientists. When Jaws became a movie, her book sold in the millions. Illustrations by Murray Tinkelman. Ages 5-11

Awarded the best science book by the National Science Teachers Association and the Children’s Book Council.



Revised and up-to-date, this newer book about sharks has the latest information. Young readers will learn about deep-water sharks, such as the cookie-cutter shark, the pink goblin shark, and many more. Illustrated by Pam Johnson. Ages 5-11

“After the Jaws mania, SHARKS sold over a million copies. McGovern revised SHARKS and added new information that will give young readers a lot more to think about.” Newark Star Ledger

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An exciting true story of a day and a night in the life of a group of mountain gorillas in the wilds of an African forest. You’ll laugh at the carefree way they play – sliding down vines and tree trunks, climbing, tumbling, chasing, wrestling – even hide-and-seek. You’ll know why gorillas sing when they’re happy; beat their chests to frighten away their enemies. Illustrated by Mamoru Funai. Ages 5-10

“All about these fascinating animals on the verge of extinction. Children will be glued to the pages. “Book Bag

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