Official Website of Ann McGovern, Popular Children’s Book Author

Dear Teachers, Librarians and Parents,

I hope you’re enjoying my website. The world of children’s books is changing with the digital revolution. No matter the form, there will always be books, authors who write them, artists who illustrate them, children to be enriched by them and teachers, librarians and parents to inspire them.

I’m delighted to report that some of my books that were out of print are available again and others will follow. I’ll post these changes when they happen.

Some books are available again:

SQUEALS AND SQUIGGLES AND GHOSTLY GIGGLES (with the popular story, The Velvet Ribbon)

WHY IT’S A HOLIDAY (My first real book!)

LITTLE WOLF (Illustrated by Nola Langner)

WHO HAS A SECRET? (Illustrated by Nola Langner)

My favorite part of my writing life is visiting schools, meeting the children, their teachers and the librarians.  I’ve also been invited to many educational conferences. I try and do as many as my schedule allows.

Feel free to write to me by going to the Contact Page. Go to School Visits for more information about my visits.

Thank you for all you do to make creativity a vital part of every child’s life.


Warmest wishes,

Ann McGovern