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My Favorite Photos

I've taken pictures around the world. You can see more of my pictures - a cuddly koala, shrunken heads, Komodo dragons, and others! More pictures will be added regularly, so check back soon!
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About My Books Stone Soup

I’ve written 55 books for children. I’ve been writing all my life. My thrilling adventures in all of the seven continents have inspired many of my books. Some of my books are picture books. Some are biographies. Some are about animals. Some are about life under the sea. Some are about life long ago in America. Some are about adventures in far-away places.
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Featured Question Featured Questions

I get asked all the time, "What is it like to be famous?" Read More

Teachers and Librarians

I have visited hundreds of schools! I love meeting children, teachers and librarians and they love my school presentations, too. Read More

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